Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Work with energy to stay in balance

A few years ago I came across Donna Eden - Energy Medicine founder and teacher.
Her personal story how she cured herself completely from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) with energy exercises really intrigued me. Not often we hear stories where people get completely healed from such a serious condition with only a few months left to live at the most.
Well, that was Donna over 40 years ago! She is still alive and better that ever!!!

After her personal healing, she devoted her life to study, develop, practice and teach different techniques to help people around the world. She said her aim was to help people remember that the energy is all that is and we all can heal ourselves if we only learn how to harness the energy and work with it.

I started with a few exercises just to give it a go. I am not lying, after a few minutes I felt a large energy shift in my body, as if someone put me on charge and plugged me into a socket.
I thought, wow ! There is definitely something special about it.
I am telling you, there really is! The more you practice it, the more you feel it and the feeling sustains for longer and longer! This is an amazing stuff!

I have been doing Donna's daily routine once or twice a day.
There is 8 exercises in this routine and it doesn't take longer that 7-8 minutes to do all of them. I tend to do my energy exercises just before my morning meditation, it also helps me to get into a deeper meditative state.

I will go over each exercise briefly and complete technique will be presented in the video :)

I really recommed you to try it out and test it for yourself :)
My suggestion, before you attempt performing the exercises, check where are you emotionally/energetically on a scale between 1-10 (1- I really low energy, feeling down -10 - feeling simply amazing), then go and do the exercises. When you finish, check with yourself where are you at again on the emotional scale. I am pretty sure you will be surprised how much better you will feel,
probably as much as I was when I did it for the first time :)

Ok, so these are the 8 exercises and what they're for (breathe deeply whilst you do them) :

1) 4 Thumbs - this exercise helps to ground, increases vitality, stimulates immune system and helps to metabolise food and thoughts, also helps to get rid of toxins from the body.

2) Cross over shoulder pull - increase of energy and clarity

3) Cross Crawl - improves brain functions and harmony

4) Wayne Cook Posture - helps to release stress and balance emotions

5) Crown Pull - helps to make space in the head/mind, improves energy, blood and lymph flow

6) Connecting Heaven and Earth - making space in the body for energy to enter and heal, if you feel poorly this exercise will definitely make you feel much better

7) The Zip-up - helps to block absorption of any type of negative energy that could potentially harm you in any way

8) The Hook-up - creates the force that lifts the energy up

Follow the video, do the exercises with me and let me know how you feel after :)

Sending you lots of love

Angg x

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