Friday, 3 April 2020

Pure Cardio Blast Circuit (quarantine, "stay safe" home workout)

Hope you are all safe and healthy. Today’s video is an example of how to train and get fitter while staying safe at home. This workout does not require any special equipment, only a mat and a timer. This routine consists of 5 rounds of 5 different exercises. If you are new to this type of training, I suggest to start with 3 rounds and slowly build up to 5 as it can be quite intense. In the video I am performing it in form of Interval training : 30 secs max effort with 10 secs rest before moving to the next exercise for entire 5 rounds. If you would like to do it the same way, set your interval timer to 25x10/30. Alternatively, you can perform 5 exercises back to back and have 30-60 secs rest before moving onto the next round. Either way this workout will get your heart pumping hard! Each routine consists of: 1) Jump up air scissors 2) 10x Mountain Climbers into low squat 3) Plank side twist with kick, alternating sides 4) Kick ups 5) Sit up with a twist, alternating sides

Disclaimer: Do not perform this routine if you have any heart conditions or contact your doctor for advice before attempting this type of training . I hope you will enjoy the training ;) Follow and subscribe for more ideas how to look after the body, mind and spirit 😉

Ps. Tomorrow's post will be about food, healthy nutrition and all of the labels that are attached to this topic. Pop over, read and share your thoughts with me :).

In the mean time, stay safe and look after yourself x
Lots of love to you all Angg x

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