Saturday, 4 April 2020

Food, healthy nutrition and labels attached to it

What really does healthy nutrition mean?

Is it the nutrients content in foods?
Is it about macros ratio?
Counting calories?
Healthy food vs. "bad foods"?
Or maybe a type of diet we are on?

I used to be literally very obsessed with all of the above.
I think I must have tried and followed majority of them, thinking that was the one and perfect for me every single time.
I followed Keto for many months, vegetarian for 2,5 years, Low carb/high protein, counted calories and macros, just to name a few.
It's nothing wrong with that, especially if you work in fitness industry.You test and try things to make sure it work, so you can offer a valuable advice, advice that you believe in yourself.

It works to a certain extent.

I came to realise, after years of searching for a perfect approach, that "perfect" is not so much the type of diet we are on, counting calories an all that stuff, it's about our approach and relationship with it.

Nowadays every single product on the planet has some sort of label attached to it, and I am not talking about a typical label that tells us what's the content of the product. It's about the label that we attach to these products ourself.
Many times we look at food and we think, it's too much sugar, too much fat, not enough protein, too processed, too green ,to red get my point. Sometimes I think that we almost forgot how to simply enjoy our food, if that does not relate to you then very well done to you. I wasn't that wise for a long time and like many other people I fell into that trap and  forgot how to simply enjoy it and appreciate it for what it really is - the energy source.

Don't get me wrong, I still love choosing natural products that contains none of additives or as little as possible, but I don't obsess about it anymore. I tend to select products differently now.
I listen to my body more and ask for guidance so to speak. I trust my intuition, and to be fair I have never felt better in my body and in my mind.

I think many could benefit from changing their approach to it. Imagine that you might be eating the most healthiest meal on the planet but still you don't feel good about that food. Do you think you are going to benefit from it fully?
"Oh it's lovely but too much of this and that and too little of something else"...what sort of message are you sending to your brain? Is it a positive self- suggestion or negative?
How come there are people on this planet who can eat absolutely anything they like and they are in perfect shape and health? Did that ever make you wonder how it all really works?
My excuse and explanation for this, was that they must be lucky and have really fast metabolism.
But is it a 100% true? What is metabolism anyway? Could it be an energy in motion?


Could it be possible that listening, following your intuition and simply by loving and appreciating what you have on your plate be the answer to how to live healthy and happy?

Like I said, for years I followed different guidelines that did help me to achieve my sport goals, but I also learnt that it was more like a temporary fix(not necessarily the healthiest one), set in order to reach a certain point, the mark on a chart rather than the healthy lifestyle.
I think, for me it is more about finding the freedom and balance in this madness. Just enjoying meals, appreciating, praising/not criticising seem to be a perfect method for how to support my health and well-being .

So, today instead of posting another recipe for "super healthy" meal of my creation, I will share with you what I made for my family yesterday....
Vanilla Pound Loaf - full of sugar ,butter, regular flour and eggs.
I made that cake with love, it turned out beautifully.  I loved even more the fact that my family enjoyed it soo much, that they kept coming back and asking for more ;P
Happiness, smiles on their faces and energy around was more important and definitely more beneficial for their health than worrying about sugar and fats in the cake.

If you want, you can try this recipe for yourself, it's delicious :)

Mine looked like this :) I am glad I managed to take a picture before it was gone :P

Stay safe, love life and enjoy the cake :)

Lots of Love
Angg x

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