Saturday, 18 April 2020

Energy exercises and results

Recently I started posting about energy exercises, sharing with you my own experiences and experiences of my clients.
Most recently I had a session with a lady who has been working as a nurse for the last 30 years.
Prior to our session I have spoken to her daughter and she told me that her mum was rather sceptical when it comes to so called "woo-woo" stuff. It had to be more scientifically proven like conventional medicine to make it believable for her.
I smiled because I knew, once she was going to try it out with me she would turn into a believer without any scientific proof attach to it.
Just to make it clear - there is plenty of studies and evidence done to confirm that it works and how it works, so it is not so "woo-woo" as some might think.
In fact, these techniques are based on ancient medicine, methods that have been practiced as far as thousands years ago in Chinese culture, Thailand, India, Egypt and many others.
But let's get back to the mentioned earlier session with my client.

We agreed to do a video call via WhatsApp.
We introduced to each other and had a general conversation to start with.
It became clear to me that she had a massive fear in regards to what was going on in the world right now.
Her stress became so unbearable that she had to go to doctor and get medication to soothe her stress, and also ended up going off sick she said.
At that point I knew she would really benefit from these exercises I was going to perform with her on our session.
Before we started the actual routine, I asked her to tell me where was she emotionally on a scale between 1-10, she replied 5.
Then we started to perform the first exercise.
As we were going through each exercise, I was explaining in detail what the actual movement was for. I also shared the scientific facts with it, to help her to understand easier how it works.
As we were moving form one exercise to another her face started lighting up.

By the end of our session I asked her again where was she emotionally on a scale between 1-10, she replied between 7 and 8.
After this she said: 'I cannot believe how easy and good it is! I feel energised, positive and relaxed'.

It was really satisfying to watch her mood and energy raise up :)

The following day I spoke to her daughter again and she said to me : 'do you know, for the first time in weeks my conversation with my mum was not about the virus and pandemic, we actually spoke about some positive stuff and that was so refreshing to hear!
I also asked her how was she feeling after taking her new medication, and she said that it was working ok, however the medicine exercises were far better'.

I could not have asked for a better feedback:)

I am not suggesting to anyone to stop their medication once they start to perform the energy exercises. I would rather recommend to consult with a trusted doctor and make a decision upon his diagnosis.

Just to let you know, I have posted on my blog and youtube a full video of Energy Medicine Exercises a few weeks ago. You can try it for yourself, it takes only a few minutes to perform. If you practice it once or twice a day every single day, your energetic habits will improve. What I mean by that is, as creatures and how we flow our energy is also a habit. If energy is blocked and not flowing freely because we got used to flowing it in that way, then we might experience a lot of different side effects - emotionally and physically.
Once energy starts to flow as it should, the body and mind starts to heal itself and get back to it's natural balance.
By performing energy exercises we can stimulate our own energy flow and create a harmonious, happy, healthy and vital life.

I think, the Energy Medicine Exercises are one of the best things I have discovered when I was searching for an alternative ways how to heal myself.
Over the years I collected and practiced a number of different methods to heal myself from an emotional pain, guilt and bulimia that I suffered with for nearly 22 years.

Energy medicine, meditation, no nonsense heathy nutrition, affirmations, mindset coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and physical training helped me to achieve my balance in life and finally stop harming myself.
I can honestly say that I finally let go of things that no longer serve me and my life is improving day by day.

Now I am offering the same techniques to help my clients to create their own, personal recipe for happiness and a vibrant health.

I am currently offering a FREE 30 minutes consultations with no obligations, so if you are feeling stuck in any way and looking for support then get in touch by e-mailing me to :

Remember, we all deserve to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life and if you don't live like that yet, they are multiple ways on how to create it, it is just a case of finding the ones that work for you.

This is the link to the Energy Daily Routine that I mentioned earlier, try it out and get your energy flowing again:)

Lots of love

Angg x

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