Thursday, 26 March 2020


What if the current situation that is happening around the world is an actual blessing ?
Can we find any positives in the current circumstances?
I am looking for them daily...

What if the fact that we have to stay home, gives us an opportunity to slow down for a bit?
In the current times everything moves so fast, we work long hours, do our chores and routines and we forget to stop for a minute, to take a deep breathe and appreciate the moment. We forget to look around and enjoy the beauty of our world, instead we moan, we just don't have a time to do it?
So, if what is happening now is our answered request for a break?
What if the planet benefits from decreased traffic and pollution, which so many are concerned about?
What if we actually are getting better not worse?
What if we finally are made to stop and appreciate what we have?
Our health, family, friends, food, freedom, choices, the internet....everything?
When we take things for granted, we don't usually appreciate what we have, we only start seeing it when we are at risk of losing it completely.
Is that not a perfect balance of how things go around too?
Maybe for a change we will focus on things that really matter and appreciate them again?

I find the situation uncomfortable only when I focus on restriction - the physical form of it - but in my mind I am completely free and unrestricted .
I came out to the garden, sat down and watched for a bit what was going on.
Birds are flying, the sun is shining, wind blows leaves on the bushes and trees, bumblebees fly around. I can smell the grass....the world is still spinning in its orbit, I feel that we are more than ok.

Another thing, looking at fitness and nutrition, is it not a perfect time to put our mind at ease and stop measuring, counting calories and over fussing about food?
Maybe its not soooo much about what we eat but about how we feel about it?
Wouldn't it be great just to appreciate that we actually have food, and rather than going crazy just enjoy it without attaching any labels to it?
Maybe for once we could trust our intuition and our genius bodies that they will do what's best for us with what we put in our mouth?
What if the emotions about what we eat matters the most?
What if what is happening now, is highlighting the importance of emotions and their true meaning?
Maybe its time to learn how to listen to them and work with them?
What if they're here for us?
What if feeling good means that we are going in the right direction, and feeling bad means we move away from it?
What if we can change the way we feel deliberately? What if looking for positives is exactly doing that?

Just wondering, but the process of turning this around in my mind and rather thinking positive makes me feel good and that matters to me the most right now.

Love to you all

Angg x

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