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Power of positive affirmations - why ,when and how

This is an interesting topic for me and I have been exploring it for ages to find out how and why a regular practice of it really works in changing life for the better.
I dug and dived deeper to find information to help me understand it and this is what I discovered.
I regrouped and divided the topic into a few specific questions, so it is easier to read and understand.

1) How it works
2) Why it works
3) What does it do
4) How to do it
5) When is the best time to practice and why
6) What else can we do to get better results with this practice

1) It is proven that repeating a positive statement can help to change the way we think about ourselves.
Since childhood we have been programmed to think in a specific way, not always the way that is beneficial to us.
Whatever we have been taught can either help us in life or sabotage all of our efforts, it all depends on what we were exposed to in childhood.
Our subconscious mind holds past engraved information that plays out and influences our actions and choices on our day to day basis.
You might say that it is some sort of bullshit as you can think for yourself and always have, but have you ever wondered why you make decisions the way you do ?
Our family and peers play a massive role in our life and as kids (usually until age of 6-7 years old) we tend to observe and absorb their behaviours and beliefs and accept them as our own....but are they ours really? I am throwing this bit in to make you ponder it.

By the way, did you know that we are operating 95% from our subconscious mind and only 5% from conscious mind as adults?

We have this repetitive inner voice talking to us all the time and the messages we are receiving from inside direct our life. Now, are these messages helpful and positive?  If not, could they be changed if they came from our childhood? The answer is yes :)
We can start practicing positive statements to change our blueprint and by doing it (because of repetitiveness) eventually it is going to be engraved into our subconscious mind and start playing out automatically.
Imagine that you are learning a new computer programming skill or driving a car. At first you are conciously thinking about each step and practicing it, but in time - and really not that long - it becomes your new habit so you don't have to think about it, you just do it .

2) It works because we are changing our inner dialog, the information that is coming from within is transformed into a positive one and so it's giving us a different result, the result we desire.
Imagine being a shy person who has little or no confidence, wanting to change ,wanting to become confident and outgoing. What do you think this person keeps saying to her/himself?
It goes pretty much like this : I can't do this, I am too shy to do this, people will judge me, I am scared, I am not good enough, I have never done it before so how can I do it now, and so on and so on. This kind of statements are coming from within, we keep repeating an old pattern and affirming it all the time, that we are shy and lacking in confidence.
To be able to change that pattern we have to start practicing statements that are empowering in nature.
Imagine that by doing it every single day, what happens first is that you become more aware of your inner voice and catch those moments where you put yourself down instead of up.
When you start replacing old habitual thoughts and practicing talking to yourself in a different empowering way it will eventually become more natural and easier to do, then we will accept it as our new truth, who we really are....this is where the magic starts, this is the moment where we start becoming the one we wanted to be, confident, relaxed and outgoing....only because the inner dialog has changed, the outcome has to change too.

3) Practicing positive statements/affirmations helps to change the way we perceive ourselves and others.
Improves our mood and attitude.
Strengthens our immune system by reducing levels of stress.
Improves our relationships.
Helps us to make better choices in life.
We become calmer, happier, more relaxed.
We start believing in ourselves, in our talents and abilities ...and much more.

4) There are two main ways I personally find beneficial and easy to do at home.

Just to mention, children absorb information like a sponge because they operate mainly in Theta state all day long, which is a hypnotic state. We become more conscious thinkers around 6-7 years old so as we grow up, we start operating in Alpha and Beta state throughout the day, meaning : we learn more consciously. We still enter Theta state but only twice per day : just before we fall asleep and upon awakening in the morning.
As an adult we learn mainly through repetitiveness (conscious mind way of learning). Practicing over and over leads to in-scripting a new knowledge into our subconscious mind, that way it becomes our knowledge, habit or skill.

a) First -as mentioned earlier - practice positive affirmations throughout the day. We can do this by repeating them in our mind at any time . My little tip will be to affirm them when we feel positive, it's easier to accept these new thoughts and practice them when we feel good. This is definitely a good starting point, as it sounds more believable.
You can also get a diary and write these statements down. This practice is very powerful as we focus more when we write.

b) Second - a very powerful tool, is listening to positive affirmations when we are in Theta state (hypnotic state) just before sleeping or upon awakening.
There's a lot of great affirmations available on Youtube which can be used for that purpose.
I also find that creating your own personal audio with your own affirmations and your own voice may work even stronger. You can choose your own empowering statements, new beliefs that you want to  make yours, combine it with music that contains subliminal tones and voila, you will have your very own, personal affirmation ready. Either way, both ways work really well, so if you don't want to listen to your own voice, there are a lot of free tracks available on the internet, just search for one that resonates with you the most.

You might be interested in listening to Dr. Bruce Lipton talking about changing our beliefs, brain functions and power of affirmations. He is amazing, a real gold mine and a great source of information about how our mind works.

Check this video :

5) Best times for practicing affirmations :

a) Listening to audio affirmations - In Theta state (hypnotic state of mind, open for autosuggestions) - before sleep and upon awakening . This is the subconscious way of learning.

b) Repeating empowering statements verbally or by writing them down during the day .
Remember to use words " I AM " instead of " I WILL ", it has to be in the present tense as you want to affirm your new beliefs as if they are already yours.
Practice this way when you feel good and positive, it will be easier for you to believe it.
Don't practice it when you are angry, that might make you more resistant and irritated as you will feel like you are lying to yourself. Choose the best moments for the greater benefit.

I remember I was listening to Jim Kwik ( Brain Guru ), he was talking about learning techniques. He said that a combination of positive emotions with information creates a long term memory,
in other words, create a happier environment that will help you to remember better, and faster.
I thought I could add that in as I found this interesting and helpful.

6) Other tools that help in changing our beliefs :

* Meditation
* Writing a list of positive aspects each day(some sort of summary of good things that happened to us during the day). It helps in shifting our focus from negative to positive.
* Walking in nature.
* Exercising (there is no stress or problem that lasts longer than 15 mins of interval training or a few rounds on a boxing bag - personal experience :P)
* Doing some art.
* Listening to music...the list is long but the rule of thumb is this : do more of the stuff that makes you happy and positive. There is no right or wrong here so choose ways that work and resonate with you :)

Remember : You can be, do or have anything you want. There is no limits. The only limit is our mind and our beliefs, but these can be changed :)

Love to you all,

Angg :) x

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