Saturday, 21 March 2020

"Anything will do" workout (COVID-19 Quarantine workout)

Hi guys ,

I hope you are all well and staying safe...I know, it can be boring and frustrating at times but there are things we can do to keep us sane and positive.

As you probably already know, I do a lot of mindset stuff but on top of that - or shall I say- equally the same, as I do fitness. Physical activity is sometimes the best thing you can do to relax your troubled mind and body, everything depends where you are at emotionally.

today I would love to share an idea for a home based workout that does not require any special equipment, I named it "Anything will do" as I thought it could be the best name for it haha

So, this is how it goes:
It's 3 rounds of 9 exercises in total. It can be performed in form if interval training ie. 27x10/40 ( 3 rounds of 9 = 27, 10 secs rest/40 max performance ), or with set amount of repetitions per each exercise. The choice is entirely yours;)

Each round consist of:

1) Sliding mountain climbers
2) Frog slides on a pot
3) Side crunch leg lift - L
4) Side crunch leg lift - R
5) Yoga press up to downward dog leg lift, alt. sides
6) 2 side lunges with 2 low squats
7) 2 commando press ups & knee tuck to monkey press up
8) Roll pass over horizontal scissors
9) 3 point tin shoulder raises

I wish working out will help you to disconnect from troublesome thoughts, lift your spirit up and get you feeling woo-nderful in your own beautiful skin :)

Lots of love
Angg x

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