Tuesday, 4 June 2019

How fitness can help you train happiness

Few weeks ago I met Monika Vrublova, a lovely lady who is on her spiritual path and mission,  helping others on their journey with her own wisdom and experience.

Reason for our gathering was an interview she wanted to do with me - by the way, I am not the only one who had been interviewed by her. She is on a mission of bringing more awareness to the public about other professionals, who are on the same mission as herself.

I feel privileged to be one of them and really happy that we had this lovely conversation.I was able to share a bit of my own knowledge ,passion and real reasons why I do ,what I do.

If you would like know more about Monika  or simply listen to other interviews she did, check her YouTube Chanel of FB page ....highly recommended :)

But for now ,enjoy our little chit -chat about "how exercising can improve wellbeing and happiness" here :)


Angg xx

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