Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Yoga wheel....a sign of madness😂😂

Ok ...I did it😅💪
 Or... Shall I say , I made it till the end 😂

 Conclusion of the today:
 Whoever invented the yoga wheel must had some serious issues whilst creating it😂
 Or maybe it's me?
 It must be me!
 I am the one who bought it in the first place🤔😂

 Ps. Next time I will listen to my rational mind more! Decided!!!
 ( unfortunately these decisions only last a few hours before I get back into creative mode and start creating something crazy again😂)

 Before that happen ,let me explain what I did do in my workout today :

 4 Rounds of 6 exercises ( they are 2 exercises performed twice, split and performed first on the L then R)
 I did it in form of interval training so my timer was set for 24 x 10/30. (If you don't want to work with a timer,switch to set amount of reps per each exercise instead)

 Each round consist of :

 1) Dragon lunge to side lunge (sliders) L
 2) Dragon lunge to side lunge (sliders) R
 3) Kettlebell swing
 4)Plank knee tuck on yoga wheel with single leg extension L
 5) Plank Knee tuck on yoga wheel with single leg extension R
 6)Double knee slide to press up to side plank pose alt.sides

 Remember,quality over quantity!
 Although don't be too fixated on perfection - Look at me performing yoga wheel exercise ,and you will get my point 😂😂😂

 It's about progression,so just do your best 😉


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