Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Turkey burgers..because food matters

There are things I do and stick to, simply not because I have to,its because I want to - that makes massive difference...why? ...because it's choice rather must!  I believe that works and helps not only me to maintain the happy  body:)...no struggle anymore! Enjoy your foods,training ,life.. and get results you desire...its all possible :)

I will share with you my recipes and culinary experiments ...and i hope you will enjoy it :)

Turkey burgers

I bought 2 packages of Turkey mince meat
It was about 1 kg in total
 I ha w putted the meat in a bowl, added some Himalayan pink salt, black I pepper ,2 eggs ...and mixed all together .

O fried it without oil,  my pan is really good so I dont need extra greese.

My a was to make burgers,roughly my own palm size ( that's the size of protein portion I use per meal)

It's really easy , cook whole lot and use it to prepare your meals.

Ps . Remember ,its not about perfection,  it's about progression;)


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