Sunday, 12 May 2019

Sunday . . .

Sunday.... Perfect day for reflection, appreciation and some fun. It's worth stepping away from being an adult for a moment and reviving your inner child. Kids can help with that....
 So today I played....firstly on a tennis court (Well,not so much playing , more like chasing a ball 😂but it was fun)
 Then in thw kids playground... Monkey bars, ropes and some funny games on the ground that reminds me of my childhood

I am grateful for this day and this little beautiful soul in my life that reminds me what life is really about ❤

Yesterday is gone
Today is a blessing
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone...


Step away from worries and seriousness
Take a deep breath and charge your batteries
Count your blessings and just be

Wishing you an amazing Sunday ❤

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