Thursday, 9 May 2019


When the sun is not shining, I create one...

That's the attitude I apply to my life as I believe, I am the creator of my life.

I have just bought a domain for my blog and I am planning to include 5 different topics that I will be talking about during each week on my page.
I will be talking about :
🧘‍♀️workouts that can be performed anywhere to maintain high level of happiness
🧘‍♀️nutrition facts not diet! The way of living live and enjoying food for best results- physically and mentally- nocretriction included
🧘‍♀️mindset - so important! How to rewire our brain and become the most powerful version of our selves that is set for success
🧘‍♀️The Law Of Attraction- how positive thinking and energy work brings our dreams to reality
🧘‍♀️Angelic cards reading for week ahead and pendulum answers for 10 first people who place their question under my post in the day when I do reading

That's my plan

This is what I am about , and what I am going to share with you in weekly basics

I hope you will enjoy it 😊

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