Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Native Spirit Oracle Card

I do my cards on a regular basis for many reasons, but mostly because it lifts my spirit, helps me to stay grounded, positve and also gives me a guidance for the day/week ahead.

This is one of my tricks I practice... I call it, my woo magic🧘‍♀️πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‰

Today I felt inspired to put a card for all of you

Maybe this is what you need to hear today, to shift/maintain your energy in order to stay happy, focused and positive...
or maybe looking for a sign...?

You will know which one it is by the way it makes you feel ...trust your gutπŸ˜‰

So here we go...

Today I am using my Native Spirit Oracle Cards - they're soooooo beautiful and powerful!
I just love them❤

Card for today is : "WALKING IN BEAUTY"

Card meaning:

Radiant beauty surrounds you.You are beautiful, inside and out. No matter what your age , your grace is growing. Being in balance. As you walking in beauty and feel gratitude for it,your life will be filled with immense splendour. Whenever you can, spend time in natural, wild places. As you see, hear and feel beauty around you, your own beauty will grow.

Your Native spirit wants you to know :

In Native American traditions, there is the concept of waking in the beauty.
It's called "hozho naasha" in the Navajo/Dineh tradition, and it means being in balance with natural way of life.
When we are in the "right relationship"with natural world around us, we are walking in beauty. The more you sense and see beauty around you - in your environment,  yourself, and your body - the more it will fill your life, in all forms. Never say anything about yourself or your body that's negative. Don't put down yourself or others . Instead affirm beauty,  and take time to adore your body and personal space. Walk in nature and inhale the beauty of every part of our wonderful planet. Cherish yourself and the luminescence within you, and you will grow.

The journey :

Create outer harmony in your home environment ,even in small ways - such as a vase of flowers, a scented candle, or clean windows - and your inner grace and radiance will begin to shine even more brightly.  Wherever you go, look for beauty in your surroundings, and as a result, the world will become more beautiful 🌍🌞❤

Have a woosome day guys


Woo 😘

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