Sunday, 19 May 2019

L-C-S Workout

L-C-S Workout (legs, core, shoulders)

 3 - 5 rounds of 5 different exercises done in form of HIIT training.

 30 secs max effort and 10 secs rest in between each exercise
 Set your timer to :
15x10/30 (for 3 rounds)
 25x10/30 (for 5 rounds)

 Each round consists of:

 1) Raised monkey press ups
 2) Long arm crunch with added weight
 ( I am using 5 kg plate in this workout. If you are a complete beginner, you can skip the plate and just try to touch your ankles instead)
3) Kick ups
4)Swiss ball knee pikes
5) Bosu mountain climbers

 Again , remember that the correct form is more important that speed.
Keep your core tights at all times .

 Start where you are, believe you can do it and just do what you can.
 It's not about perfection ,it's about progression Step by step got this 💪

 Don't attempt to perform any form of HIIT training if you suffer from heart conditions or any other serious health conditions . Alternatively, consult it with your doctor before hand.

 Enjoy your workout and have a woonderful day 😁🌞🌍

 Angg Woo Wellness Coach
 ( Fitness, Mindset, Nutrition )

 Any questions regards coaching ?
Get in touch , it's easier to do it together 💪

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