Sunday, 5 May 2019

" Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another "                                John Dewey 

" Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another "
                               John Dewey

 I challenged Google maps about week ago ...walked to simply gym and beat Google maps time by about 8 minutes


 Angg vs Google maps was 1: 0...get in💪😜

 Yesterday I decided to challenge it again on much longer distance.... This time result was different. Google wooped my butt by almost 20 mins lol

 Point taken Google, you won ! We are equal ...for now 😂😂😂

 I walked fast, really wanted to beat the time again .... My bladder wanted to beat the time too! Trust me 😂
 By the time I arrived to my destination ,my feet were on fire, no joke! I thought I had blisters, likely there wasn't any ,just soreness lol
 I was called "a nut case" ...🤔...with love😜 I take that as a complement 😁😉😂

 Would I do it again? Sure!
I just love moving my body ! In any possible way! I love how it makes me feel (despite sore feet and exploding bladder at times lol) , there is something magical about it, sense of accomplishment, satisfaction ,feeling more alive ....
 Even the food tastes better too lol😜

 I am back to weights tomorrow 💪
 No , I am not going to walk to the gym this time 😂
 Got to plan more exciting route for my next trip😊🌞
But for now, it is time to just chill 😊

 Have a woonderful Sunday guys💚

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