Sunday, 28 April 2019

New direction

I worked as a personal trainer for over 5 years. Always loved fitness and helping people to achieve their goals as much as my own.
For the last 3 years or so, I have been studying more of the mindset , the engine and power behind any success in any field. I combined it with my physical activities and developed my " woonique " system that has been bringing amazing and sustainable results.
I achieved a lot utilising these techniques personally and with my clients.

Yayyyyyy :)

But this year , I felt burnt out. Burnt out not of passion to what I do, rather of repeating the same thing over and over....I needed a change, motion forward...

I decided to stop doing personal training - break the pattern ,recharge my batteries, take time to think.... become willing to receive an inspiration for the new direction and then take a positive action steps towards it.

And it came :)

I am rested and feeling positive again...ready to start expressing myself fully in field which I feel very passionate direction is here:)

It links with fitness beautifully in a very woonique way...

Law of Attraction , Power of Positive Intentions, Emotions- their power and meaning, Affirmations, Nutrition and real benefits of exercising....all combined together, that's the mixture I am bringing to the table

oh, not to miss out a travelling bit - as this is also very important to me

I am excited about sharing my new content with you:)

Get ready !

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