Monday, 29 April 2019

Little mind game challenge

 I made conscious decision to stop moaning and switching my thoughts /words to positive ones ,from today for next 40 days...

In general, I am very positive person so it is easy for me to look for good rather than bad, however I decided to test myself and bring more awareness to my communication habits and skills.

I thought it would be easier! as soon as I entered the gym this morning, the first person whom I spoke to ,was moaning about the quality of equipment they had at the premises! I know we are creatures of habits and I almost fall for it just to participate in conversation, but likely I remembered what I promised to myself so I didn't. Instead , I switched the subject and pointed out things that were good about that place.
I felt good afterwards. The day has not been over yet though ,it will be interesting to see how many more times I will find myself in similar situation again? Will I give in or switch to positive thinking?
What is the level of my positivity??Lets see...

By the way, is it not interesting how people connect and engage in conversations?

Feel free to join the challenge and share your thoughts with me. I would be great to hear your personal experiences and opinions :)

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