Wednesday, 30 May 2018

It's been a while....

It's been nearly 2 years since my last post.... many things happened during that time....and the main reason that I stopped blogging was the fact I felt that I failed with my project and so I had nothing to share...

As I look at it from perspective of time, this was not a failure at all,but only feedback....
you only fail if you give up on your dreams and I didn't.... so I am not:)
Yes, I agree that it took me a long time to get to this point of understanding but does it really matter how long does it take if I understand it now?
From my current point of view the most important moment in life is NOW, yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not arrived yet ,so what I do now and how I feel now is all that matter:)....its time to stop dwelling on the past and move forward...right?

...from the other hand, knowing the powerful Law Of Attraction,the most powerful/creative moment is the present moment, and if I or you feel good now... this is exactly what we attract more of in our future experiences....I will be speaking about the LOA a lot more in my future posts but for now I will share a bit of story behind my long I can bridge then with now:)

I remember as if that was yesterday....I sold most of my stuff , the all remaining belongings I left at my friends house , bought the tickets and off I went to Poland .

I decided to see my family first -my mum in particular -before heading off to Portugal to set up my new venture - fitness and well-being retreats.
I could go straight away to there , but since my granny past away and I could not attend to her funeral , I thought it will be wise to go and spend some time with my mum ....I know she was holding a bit of grudge against me for not coming and supporting her at that time - which is understandable -but I just couldn't do it at that time. 
My plan was to get home, put things right and then head off to Portugal with a peace in my heart...
...but things looked different and change my view as I arrived there.

It must of been about 16 months gone since my gran past away and my mum was still in pieces....I swear to God, she was hiding it really well , I thought she managed to let her go ...but she didn't.
There was a lot of grief , disappointment and sorrow that I did not expect to other words it was worse than I expected.
Her health was bad, house was a was heart breaking.
So from one week of staying at home it turned out to be 3 months.....I just could not leave her like this, but if I did - i know it for sure - it would be impossible for me to focus on working in Portugal with her being on my I decided to stay.

I must admit it was hard few months for me, but I would not change a thing.
My mum was getting better and that was the most important thing for me :)

I made my return into the UK few months later. Thanks to my awesome friends I had a place to stay, they also helped me to find a job so I could stand back on my feet financially. I also returned to coaching and training so my schedule was pretty intense...but I did't mind.....I was happy:)
I knew that 9-5 job I had was a temporary thing to get me going and after few months of being full time employee I decided to get back to Personal Training and coaching full time.

This is a very brief story of what happened at that time without going in too much details and bragging about it.
all I can say is I am really thankful for my past experiences and the fact that I now back to coaching and working with my awesome people.

I decided to stick to what I love doing ,do it as best as I can and sharing it with you....I hope you will like it and find it helpful:)

lots of love

Angg x

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