Sunday, 5 June 2016

progression and changes

quite random....

I went to car boot sale today..sold most of my stuff...since like I said,I decided to turn my life around and follow my dream.
most things i managed to sell...stuff that didn't go,I donated to local charity shop.

then i got home...i had a mix of feelings ....fear,satisfaction....then fear again....i went to sleep...

...I think its quite normal response ,when you decide to let all things go,still not sure where I am going...besides the fact that I know,that you need to go...

I trust the process...taking one step at the time....following an inspiration...lets see where this going to take me

I  am sorry , i might not be the best writer ,plus doing it in foreign language doesn't make it any easier....but for some strange reason, I enjoy it more by writing it in English.

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