Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Power of positive thinking and affirmation.

The Law of Attraction works...and once you get how it works it's easy to apply it .
the simplest rule is...you attract what you think about...so if this is the truth ,then you have to choose deliberately what you want to think. Think positive thoughts, Thoughts becomes things.
Remember that the current situation is nothing different but an old story which has manifested,the pattern of thoughts that you were thinking earlier.If its not pleasing to you what you see, instead of getting upset about it ,just remember...it's an old story!
So now, focus on what you want and the way you want it.You are creating NOW! It will be reflected back to you will following manifestation,if you managed to improve the way you think.
You can train your brain to achieve higher vibration deliberately. One of the best tools is appreciation.
By being appreciative to what you currently have and experiencing,you are raising your vibration up on purpose.

Mornings after waking up are the best time to raise vibration to set our mood for a good day.
why? simply because our mind is on pause while we sleep,which means that we can start fresh ,and from much easier place, to start deliberately changing our mood and following experience.

I will give you a hint...this is what I have been doing every morning for a long time now,and I can guarantee you that it works every time...

"Thank you for another day of my life,thank you for this comfy bed and good night sleep,thank you for hot water in shower, thank you for my clothing,for my morning coffee and variety of thoughts that i can choose from.Thank you for food in the fridge,thank you for my plans which i am having for today,thank you my lovely friends - they are the best friends ever,thank you for my lovely clients  whom I have a pleasure to work with ,thank you for being natural up lifter, that i can find easily the right soothing words to make others feel good.

I have been doing this for quite sometime now,I know i can choose deliberately, I can create my experience by choosing the way I want to feel.So i choose happiness,I love feeling happy ,I love being at ease,when I feel like that Everything feels and looks much better.I love being a positive person,I love being a loving person.I know when I feel this way ,this is what I attract to my experience...because it's the same vibration.
But the main reason why I choose to feel this way,is not the manifestation ,but purely the feeling of it  it self.I love feeling good! and it is the Law that only good will follow this pattern of thoughts...so I appreciate it even more...."

I hope that will help you to find yourself in a better place:)

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