Saturday, 10 October 2020

The power of mindset coaching

Live can surprise you in many ways 🧐

With the good and with the bad.

The truth is, it's never about the situation or a circumstance but how we respond to it.

The true skill is to be able to see positive in all things, being able to look at the bigger picture.
The ability to do it makes life easier, we are just less reactive and more relaxed about life in general.

Changing the perspective can take time but its so rewarding, in fact it makes you feel better straight away.
Is that not what we truly want?

If you have been struggling to achieve your goals, fitness related, nutrition, self worth or something else, maybe its time to look at your mindset?

Personally, that was the exact thing, the missing piece I needed to do to connect the dots, to understand myself better on a deeper level to finally start moving forward with ease.

If you feel stuck in some way and struggle to break the pattern, maybe I can help?

Let me offer you a complementary coaching experience session . At no cost and no risk of signing up for more ( I don't do hard sales, so if you are scared that I will try to convince you to buy anything during our session, don't worry! In my experience it about connection and readiness for coaching so if you feel its not for you, I am fine with that too).

In our free session we can work on one specific thing you are struggling with and look at the story behind the story. You may finally connect some dots or have an "aha" moment that will help you to shift and get moving again.

If you are curious of how it works and willing to give it a try, drop me a message and lets chat.

Deciding to work on your mindset could the best decision you ever make 

It surely was for me  thats why I decided to become a Holistic Mindset Coach on top of everything else that I professionally offer. I understood that the right mindset is the key to success in everything you do and it generates happiness.

Ps. My own journey of self discovery brought me not only peace and clarity, but also much more fun and wonderful friends into my life.

This is priceless ♥️

And you deserve the same 💪😉

Get in touch 😉

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Reduce Pandemic Stress With Movement And Breath

I had the privilege to write an article for "A Space 2 Be", Therapeutic Mental Health Services website, run by Sarah Bolton-Locke.
She is offering a wide range of services to assist people in getting better and healthier, ie: Counselling, Therapeutic Arts and Mindfulness for adults and young people.

Check her website to find out more about her wonderful work  :

Reduce Pandemic Stress With Movement And Breath

Stay Safe and Happy


Angg x

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Energy exercises and results

Recently I started posting about energy exercises, sharing with you my own experiences and experiences of my clients.
Most recently I had a session with a lady who has been working as a nurse for the last 30 years.
Prior to our session I have spoken to her daughter and she told me that her mum was rather sceptical when it comes to so called "woo-woo" stuff. It had to be more scientifically proven like conventional medicine to make it believable for her.
I smiled because I knew, once she was going to try it out with me she would turn into a believer without any scientific proof attach to it.
Just to make it clear - there is plenty of studies and evidence done to confirm that it works and how it works, so it is not so "woo-woo" as some might think.
In fact, these techniques are based on ancient medicine, methods that have been practiced as far as thousands years ago in Chinese culture, Thailand, India, Egypt and many others.
But let's get back to the mentioned earlier session with my client.

We agreed to do a video call via WhatsApp.
We introduced to each other and had a general conversation to start with.
It became clear to me that she had a massive fear in regards to what was going on in the world right now.
Her stress became so unbearable that she had to go to doctor and get medication to soothe her stress, and also ended up going off sick she said.
At that point I knew she would really benefit from these exercises I was going to perform with her on our session.
Before we started the actual routine, I asked her to tell me where was she emotionally on a scale between 1-10, she replied 5.
Then we started to perform the first exercise.
As we were going through each exercise, I was explaining in detail what the actual movement was for. I also shared the scientific facts with it, to help her to understand easier how it works.
As we were moving form one exercise to another her face started lighting up.

By the end of our session I asked her again where was she emotionally on a scale between 1-10, she replied between 7 and 8.
After this she said: 'I cannot believe how easy and good it is! I feel energised, positive and relaxed'.

It was really satisfying to watch her mood and energy raise up :)

The following day I spoke to her daughter again and she said to me : 'do you know, for the first time in weeks my conversation with my mum was not about the virus and pandemic, we actually spoke about some positive stuff and that was so refreshing to hear!
I also asked her how was she feeling after taking her new medication, and she said that it was working ok, however the medicine exercises were far better'.

I could not have asked for a better feedback:)

I am not suggesting to anyone to stop their medication once they start to perform the energy exercises. I would rather recommend to consult with a trusted doctor and make a decision upon his diagnosis.

Just to let you know, I have posted on my blog and youtube a full video of Energy Medicine Exercises a few weeks ago. You can try it for yourself, it takes only a few minutes to perform. If you practice it once or twice a day every single day, your energetic habits will improve. What I mean by that is, as creatures and how we flow our energy is also a habit. If energy is blocked and not flowing freely because we got used to flowing it in that way, then we might experience a lot of different side effects - emotionally and physically.
Once energy starts to flow as it should, the body and mind starts to heal itself and get back to it's natural balance.
By performing energy exercises we can stimulate our own energy flow and create a harmonious, happy, healthy and vital life.

I think, the Energy Medicine Exercises are one of the best things I have discovered when I was searching for an alternative ways how to heal myself.
Over the years I collected and practiced a number of different methods to heal myself from an emotional pain, guilt and bulimia that I suffered with for nearly 22 years.

Energy medicine, meditation, no nonsense heathy nutrition, affirmations, mindset coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and physical training helped me to achieve my balance in life and finally stop harming myself.
I can honestly say that I finally let go of things that no longer serve me and my life is improving day by day.

Now I am offering the same techniques to help my clients to create their own, personal recipe for happiness and a vibrant health.

I am currently offering a FREE 30 minutes consultations with no obligations, so if you are feeling stuck in any way and looking for support then get in touch by e-mailing me to :

Remember, we all deserve to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life and if you don't live like that yet, they are multiple ways on how to create it, it is just a case of finding the ones that work for you.

This is the link to the Energy Daily Routine that I mentioned earlier, try it out and get your energy flowing again:)

Lots of love

Angg x

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Getting silly workout

I called it the “zimmer frame” workout.
I know that not everybody has a frame like this at home, but I felt like creating this video so those who have one, can do it.
In current times having a sense of humour is crucial.
There are so many different ways of staying in balance, ie. physical training, meditation, energy work and even a nap can do so much of good to our body and mind.
So please don’t feel powerless, remember this shall pass and it will, the question is how are you going to deal all with it now?
Stressing does not help, only keeping your mind at ease does and there are different ways to achieve it.
We will be on the other side of this situation soon so stay as grounded as you can, be good to yourself.
In the end of the day nothing matters more than feeling good.

Ps. If you are looking for a wellness coach who will help you to achieve piece of mind and create a perfect plan on how to deal with the situation or you just need to talk, email me at and we can schedule one. First 30 minutes session is free of charge with no obligations attached to it.

Lots of love to you all 

Angg x

Monday, 6 April 2020

60+fit home workout

Hi guys,

Today’s workout is designed for our older family members that can’t perform any type of strenuous exercises. Having a back problem, weak wrists and high blood pressure doesn’t mean they cannot take care of their physical health.
Encourage them to do these simple exercises at home.
They will help them to stay mobile, fit and more positive too;) Occupied mind is a calm mind.
Good body movement and smile is what we are reaching for! A positive stimulation 😉
Let’s boost the immune system of every member of our family, age doesn’t matter, it’s only a number ✌️

Stay home, safe, fit and positive.

Lots of love
Angg x

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Food, healthy nutrition and labels attached to it

What really does healthy nutrition mean?

Is it the nutrients content in foods?
Is it about macros ratio?
Counting calories?
Healthy food vs. "bad foods"?
Or maybe a type of diet we are on?

I used to be literally very obsessed with all of the above.
I think I must have tried and followed majority of them, thinking that was the one and perfect for me every single time.
I followed Keto for many months, vegetarian for 2,5 years, Low carb/high protein, counted calories and macros, just to name a few.
It's nothing wrong with that, especially if you work in fitness industry.You test and try things to make sure it work, so you can offer a valuable advice, advice that you believe in yourself.

It works to a certain extent.

I came to realise, after years of searching for a perfect approach, that "perfect" is not so much the type of diet we are on, counting calories an all that stuff, it's about our approach and relationship with it.

Nowadays every single product on the planet has some sort of label attached to it, and I am not talking about a typical label that tells us what's the content of the product. It's about the label that we attach to these products ourself.
Many times we look at food and we think, it's too much sugar, too much fat, not enough protein, too processed, too green ,to red get my point. Sometimes I think that we almost forgot how to simply enjoy our food, if that does not relate to you then very well done to you. I wasn't that wise for a long time and like many other people I fell into that trap and  forgot how to simply enjoy it and appreciate it for what it really is - the energy source.

Don't get me wrong, I still love choosing natural products that contains none of additives or as little as possible, but I don't obsess about it anymore. I tend to select products differently now.
I listen to my body more and ask for guidance so to speak. I trust my intuition, and to be fair I have never felt better in my body and in my mind.

I think many could benefit from changing their approach to it. Imagine that you might be eating the most healthiest meal on the planet but still you don't feel good about that food. Do you think you are going to benefit from it fully?
"Oh it's lovely but too much of this and that and too little of something else"...what sort of message are you sending to your brain? Is it a positive self- suggestion or negative?
How come there are people on this planet who can eat absolutely anything they like and they are in perfect shape and health? Did that ever make you wonder how it all really works?
My excuse and explanation for this, was that they must be lucky and have really fast metabolism.
But is it a 100% true? What is metabolism anyway? Could it be an energy in motion?


Could it be possible that listening, following your intuition and simply by loving and appreciating what you have on your plate be the answer to how to live healthy and happy?

Like I said, for years I followed different guidelines that did help me to achieve my sport goals, but I also learnt that it was more like a temporary fix(not necessarily the healthiest one), set in order to reach a certain point, the mark on a chart rather than the healthy lifestyle.
I think, for me it is more about finding the freedom and balance in this madness. Just enjoying meals, appreciating, praising/not criticising seem to be a perfect method for how to support my health and well-being .

So, today instead of posting another recipe for "super healthy" meal of my creation, I will share with you what I made for my family yesterday....
Vanilla Pound Loaf - full of sugar ,butter, regular flour and eggs.
I made that cake with love, it turned out beautifully.  I loved even more the fact that my family enjoyed it soo much, that they kept coming back and asking for more ;P
Happiness, smiles on their faces and energy around was more important and definitely more beneficial for their health than worrying about sugar and fats in the cake.

If you want, you can try this recipe for yourself, it's delicious :)

Mine looked like this :) I am glad I managed to take a picture before it was gone :P

Stay safe, love life and enjoy the cake :)

Lots of Love
Angg x

Friday, 3 April 2020

Pure Cardio Blast Circuit (quarantine, "stay safe" home workout)

Hope you are all safe and healthy. Today’s video is an example of how to train and get fitter while staying safe at home. This workout does not require any special equipment, only a mat and a timer. This routine consists of 5 rounds of 5 different exercises. If you are new to this type of training, I suggest to start with 3 rounds and slowly build up to 5 as it can be quite intense. In the video I am performing it in form of Interval training : 30 secs max effort with 10 secs rest before moving to the next exercise for entire 5 rounds. If you would like to do it the same way, set your interval timer to 25x10/30. Alternatively, you can perform 5 exercises back to back and have 30-60 secs rest before moving onto the next round. Either way this workout will get your heart pumping hard! Each routine consists of: 1) Jump up air scissors 2) 10x Mountain Climbers into low squat 3) Plank side twist with kick, alternating sides 4) Kick ups 5) Sit up with a twist, alternating sides

Disclaimer: Do not perform this routine if you have any heart conditions or contact your doctor for advice before attempting this type of training . I hope you will enjoy the training ;) Follow and subscribe for more ideas how to look after the body, mind and spirit 😉

Ps. Tomorrow's post will be about food, healthy nutrition and all of the labels that are attached to this topic. Pop over, read and share your thoughts with me :).

In the mean time, stay safe and look after yourself x
Lots of love to you all Angg x